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Why Is My Vagina Itchy? Common Causes of Vaginal Itching

Last updated on June 10, 2019

Almost all women have experienced vaginal itching at some point in their lives. It can be hurtful, uncomfortable, and a cause of concern, too.

The reason can be anything from an irritating substance like a new soap, underwear, menopause, sexually transmitted diseases, or even a bacterial infection.

On the brighter side, a visit to the gynecologist can help vaginal itching.

If you’ve been experiencing a lot of itching down there, here are a few things that may be causing your discomfort.

1. You Have a Yeast Infection

Statistically, almost 75% of women will experience a yeast infection at least once in their lifetime. A yeast is growing in your vagina, which can cause immense discomfort and inflammation of the tissue.

If you also have a burning sensation when you pee and a thick white discharge, you need to see your doctor and get some medication to treat the infection.

Doctors estimate that approximately 75% of all women will experience at least one symptomatic vaginal yeast infection during their lifetimes.

2. You are Experiencing Hormonal Changes and Perimenopause

Sometimes, when your hormones are fluctuating during your menstrual cycle, you may experience vaginal dryness. This can also cause vaginal itching.

Many doctors suggest that perimenopause, the period before your actual menopause starts, is a more common cause of itching as there is a major drop of estrogen.

In such cases, your gynecologist can prescribe an estrogen cream to help with the itching and other symptoms.

3. Your Skin is Irritated

As the skin around your vagina is sensitive, it can get irritated when it comes in contact with certain chemicals.

The irritants can trigger can allergic reaction and it can lead to itchy vaginal tissue. Soaps, bubble bath, fabric softeners, detergents, feminine sprays, and scented toilet papers can all cause trouble down there.

If you have diabetes or urinary incontinence, your urine can also cause vaginal itching and irritation.

4. You Have Bacterial Vaginosis

A pH imbalance or bacterial overgrowth in your vagina can be another reason why you’re experiencing vaginal itching.

The other symptoms of BV include a strong odor, discharge and irritation. Your doctor can prescribe an antibiotic that will restore the pH balance in your vagina.

For many women, consuming probiotics or yogurt with increased cultures also helps keep the vagina healthy.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the STDs most commonly associated with vaginal discharge, especially bloody discharge.

5. You Might Have a STI

Though this is an uncommon cause of itching, your doctor will still consider it if you go in with complaints of irritation and itching. Trichomoniasis is one sexually transmitted infection that may cause trouble to your vagina.

Trich is a parasite that affects around 3.7 million people in the U.S. Your doctor will give you oral medication to treat the STI and recommend that your partner always wears a condom to prevent any other STIs.

Certain skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis can also cause itching in your genitals. Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, causes a reddish rash that has a scaly texture.

This rash can spread to your vagina and cause itchiness. Psoriasis is a skin condition that can cause rashes on your scalp and joints.

The outbreak of the symptoms can spread to your vagina as well. If you notice rashes on your body and vaginal itching, it may be a skin disease that needs medical intervention.

If your itching is severe and tends to disrupt your daily life and your sleep, it’s time to visit your doctor. In most cases, the cause may not be serious and you can treat it with some over-the-counter medicines.

6. You Have a Skin Disease

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